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Biographie Students struggle to find an appropriate topic while writing their admission essays for getting into colleges. So students take the help of paraphrasing tool to find a good topic. There are no essay random topic generators that can automatically make your essays good enough for college admission. However, you can try writing essays on these tried and tested topics to increase your chances of impressing the professors –
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1. Memorable Meals
Food is a very safe option to write about. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t like to eat. Whenever someone starts reading about foods, they instantly warm up and think about their favourite food memories. So, writing an essay on food is a very safe bet. You can write about the family gatherings and the traditional meals that are exclusive to your family. For example, you can write about the famous eggnog recipe of your grandma or your brisket that everyone loves. That way, you don't have to search elsewhere for content and make it interesting.
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2. Outdoor Activities
You can also write about the various outdoor activities you or your friends used to do. Most of us have fond memories of spending summer nights in a tree house or building a sandcastle during a family trip to the beach. By writing from your own experience, you can add details more vividly. This makes the essays more attractive and increases your chances of getting in.
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3. Challenges
People love to read about challenges and how they came out of them. You can start your essay like, “I was a small child, and it was the first day of my third grade. That’s when I heard the disastrous news." Starting an essay like this immediately hooks the readers to the essay. In these essays, readers have no idea what to expect, which makes them a much more interesting read.
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4. Failure
Just like challenges, writing about your failures also makes a good essay. Many feel that it may send a negative impression to the readers. However, if you can clearly articulate how you learnt a lesson from the failure, it makes a great admission essay.
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Admission officials usually look for three things in the admission essays – control over the language, a unique perspective and an original voice. Put yourself in the shoes of the readers. Understand what can impress them. Then consider these tips and write an impressive admission essay.  
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